06 September 2009

Wall Art

Our walls are a place to tell stories about our friendships, the places we have visited and the things we love. A fantastic arrangement of pictures or photographs or a striking painting or print can tie a room together and really show off our take on the world. 


Groups Stairways and halls are the quintessential place an assortment of photos from our lives or groupings of pictures Done well this can be a beautiful and artistic. I always go for simple coordinating frames for this as it lends itself to the photos we are trying to show.

 Twos and threes and four This looks especially great above an entrance table or side board. Also a bedroom is a great place to put two large scale paintings or mirrors. Don't be afraid to go really big! It will look great as you can see from the photo on the left.

Mirrors   I love love love round mirrors above a rectangular piece of furniture such as a console table. The mirror to the right is called the captains mirror and is simply beautiful. The old adage is true "they make a space feel bigger and help to reflect light". A stunning alternative to the grouping of photos is a grouping of mirrors. I would suggest thrift store or garage/ stoop sale hunting. Again, keeping a theme such as all gold or square or round will go a long way in making a great impression.

Papers  There is an abundance of beautiful and cool paper stores such as Kates Paperie.  The  amazing papers are relatively inexpensive and when your frame them they are a great way of adding some color and interest to your walls is to frame a sheet of paper. 


Original Artwork   It is great to have original artwork from artists we trully love. The best is to find local and up and coming artists and the great thing is you will helping to support a burgeoning career. If you would really prefer original art then I recommend scouring your local coffee shops, attending the semester shows at your local art schools or community colleges. Another great website that has reasonably priced original work is:20x200 Discovering a new artist can be super exciting and the hunt for a piece that is worthy of your walls can be a fun adventure!


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