23 August 2009

Design Tips #2

I would love to have fresh bouquets of flowers every week in my home and in every room. They bring nature in and give a room that finished special feel. But this can be both pricey and although I fancy my self as a stylish can do everything woman I really don't have the time to be arranging purchasing, arranging and maintaining arrangements of flowers. So, how does one still bring nature in the house and give a room that finished look without going to fake flowers? Here are a few of my favorite nature inspired items that are maintenance free and fairly inexpensive.
BALLS AND PODS Decorative balls can be purchased from a variety of places such as Target. They come in a variety of natural materials from twine to delicate slivers of wood. Put together in an arrangement they can add a bit of texture and nature to a coffee table or credenza.
(balls purchased from Target)
(lotus pod)
(cedar root balls)

TWIGS AND BRANCHES A simple arrangement of branches or twigs can be a wonderful substitute for a floral arrangement and will last much longer than a bouquet of flowers. I love the striking simplicity they add to a space and the natural earthy feel of them.

(kuwa branches)
(dried nesttle hallow)

(corkscrew willow)


DRIED PLANTS There is an assortment of interesting plant alternatives to fresh flowers. These simple yet elegant dried plants will bring life and color to your room but will last well beyond a bouquet of flowers. 
(dried red peppers)
(tallow berry)
(globe thistle)
(billy balls aka craspedia)

Nettle Hollow
AM Growers