13 May 2009

Shop Locally

By now must of us are aware that shopping locally is good for both the environment and helps to support our local entrepreneurs. the great thing for me is that I live in NY which means shopping locally is shopping at many of the best furniture and accessory stores in the country. this is especially true for those of us that live in Brooklyn where entrepreneurship and originality are a driving force for this borough. additionally, many of the local business have a tremendous assortment of vintages and antiques that have been scouted out from around the country. i am starting of with Williamsburg because sadly in the last few months i have seen some of my favorite stores shut down due to the economy and i want to give a thumbs up to the strong that are thriving (or surviving).
A and G Merch
111 North 6th Street
Brooklyn NY 11211
This boutique furniture and home store has a rustic quirky barnyard theme going on with exampled by the availability of various fabricated moose heads and farm animal statues. these fun home decorating items are situated amongst more serious modern and contemporary furniture pieces that are very reasonably priced. additionally, the staff is very friendly and laid back.
these are just a few of the fantastic and quirky home products available at A and G Merch
the "do everything swivel chair" $299 is available and black or white leather and makes a perfect office chair or would even work well in a living room as a stylish yet petite side chair.
the "caleb chair and ottoman" $708 for both is a sleek but very comfortable lounge.
if you are decorating a child's room or just have a sweet side to your personal decorating style this store has endless chances to cuttify a room such as these gorgeously carved birds that can hang on your wall or even from your ceiling. the paper mache animal statues are endless and could add a much needed touch of fun and nature to our city spaces.
in addition to the stores furniture and home products they also have lighting. the adorable mushroom side tables sell for $189. the wooden side table lamps that remind me of wood paneled seventies style homes has pictures of forests lining the inside of the shades and adds a fun and surprising detail. the pendants come in two sizes and have a warm somewhat opaque glass that's similar to paper mache. they are extremely well priced and would work well in a stair hall or in the smaller size as a set of three over a dining table or a counter.
i will sum up A&G Merch with these irrresistable "hippo" statues available in gold or black $59 that would be a great addition to anyone needing a little bit sweetness added to their room.

The Future Perfect

115 N 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

(718) 599-6278

* approximate times
- thefutureperfect.com

Located next door to A and G Merch is this great boutique full of home products and furniture from local artist's. They have some very high end items that are a bit costly such as their beautiful coral vases for $1200 but also have some super stylish pendant lights for a very reasonable price.
although the "coral vessel" is pricey i had to include it because it is so beautifully crafted and would make a stunning statement to any home.
the "standly sheep" $900 is a large scale resin sheep that doubles as a light fixture. this would be a beautiful addition to a child's room or to a living room. because it lights up it would also add soft ambient lighting.this stunning side board is one of my favorite items from The Future Perfect. it is simple yet well crafted and elegant. i am partial to medium colored woods as they are natural and earthy but have a rich feel to them.

these "scrap pile" tables and benches are not only gorgeous but also good for the environment because they are made from unused wood pieces. these would work well as a centerpiece surrounded by more monochromatic furniture.
i absolutely love these "pendant lamps" $400. they are available with a variety of rustic and vintage prints on the inner rim.
i previously mentioned the "superordinate antler chandelier" by Jason Miller before under my favorite things entry. they come in a variety of sizes and are just amazing so believe they need a second entry. if you would like to see more of this artists work then go to his website at http://www.millerstudio.us/

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