10 July 2009

Ikea New Arrivals

Before I get into it I want to give a good excuse for my absence. I recently moved from New York to California and have been extremely distracted by the relocation. But, I am back and will be posting about all the goodies I find here in beautiful northern California. 
I have to say that although Ikea has some lovely accessories and some decent furniture I have never been a total fan. But, this new Egan line is beautiful but, also a bit more expensive then there other pieces. Is Ikea getting pricier or am I just getting cheaper? Here are some of the pieces from the Egan line. They are in a rich walnut finish which is a refreshing change from the blond woods or painted black furniture. I have seen an industry shift toward natural colored walnuts and other medium- darker colored woods and I couldn't be happier about this. 

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